Sunday, 27 March 2016

March is ending soon

Hai peps. Setelah sekian lama ga log on karena gatau mau nulis apa, akhirnya log on pake perasaan menggebu-gebu, eeh pake dihentikan kuota :")
Anyeay I am back with the kuota and long post (kayaknya, kalau jadinya pendek yah maafin)
So yesterday, my friend Aisyah a.k.a tata got engaged. Congratulations tataaa.mumumu :3
Dan kemarin juga, saya kangen nenek.
Jadiiii saya numpang maghrib di rumah saudaranya sartika sekalian jemput dia kan tuh. Nah the available mukena was the "gelombang cinta" or the "wave of love" type. I remember that back then, i went to the market with my grandma to buy that kind of mukena as gift for my uncle's fiancee on their engagement day.
For sure my feeling was like a stirred pot which has too many veggies, too many meat, and too many spices!
What I was thingking back then is a mom's love is endless. I know father do love their children, especially my dad. But all I could think about my grandmas, both from my mom and dad, is love.
Well I do miss my grandpa but come and think of it, I was closer with my grandma.
Perhaps because they live longer but idk...
I remember most story that we share, recipes, and any other mom-like stuff that they taught me.
Ah grand grand. Miss you soo...
I am so lucky to have you :")
Alfatihah :)
And as for today i got new quote. Let's make it as my #qotd...
When you are about to angry, remain silent could solve it.
When you find something wrong, remain silent could solve nothing.
Oh anyway guys, have you seen the My Preweddina Story video on official Line Webtoon's facebook?
I really love the video but I just don't know why! The story might be a lil cliché but somehow I do enjoy enjoy reading them! Love it!
5 stars 

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