Sunday, 13 March 2016

Marching March!

Hola Peps!
Welcome to March (well i know it is already mid of march and sakura already bloom but still it's my first post on March)
I skipped the Feb on this blog, i don't know why but yes i do skip it. Oh i know, Feb is kinda busy slash stressful month for me. Well even so, i managed to make some life update in February on my page. It doesn't mean that i do forget this blog but i was kind of too lazy to write for a really while here as i wrote so many things outside. Anyway i am back!

I called last Feb as FabFeb. Fabulous February yes it is indeed fabulous and busy...
As for March, I called this March as Marching March. I really hope that i would be able to make an improvement this March in so many aspect in my life, especially my college life.

Oh hello you there, someone who suddenly jump into this blog. Just fyi this almost like my sixth years in college which is a very long time. Today i am going to let you know that the engineer will be back to town soon and i mean it :)

I already finished my final assignment. Alhamdulillah!
All i have to do left, within this few week, is having a final comprehensive examination (this one i really can't tell when since it is depend on my uni schedule). I really hope to do well in this last exam. I am so nervous that i don't even sure where to start to study. I feel sooooo helpless sometime just to think about the exam.
Bismillah, wish me luck all :)

Anyway i was thinking about how this blog should be. All review and stuff will be moved to my page. I'll write about my daily life here and some other type of "articles" that i don't know yet like something that i can't write there. So please support me on both page :)

Last but not least, happy graduation day to my beloved friend Inti Lustiana Asyiah, S.T., the one who literally hijacking my bed now with Renni!
Maaf ya man, ketutup >.<

See you on the next post!


  1. sedihhhh gag bisa ketemu... maaap yaaaa...

    1. whyyyyy???? gag bisa mi gag bisa belom dapet cuti sedihhh bangat kan gw hidupnya...

    2. yang penting pas gue dateng jar :")


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