Saturday, 21 January 2012

hows your day?

emm hola all.
today is the best so-so day ever.
its a so-so but its amazing :D
i woke up about 5 am, need to go to bathroom, then since i am in my "monthly-schedule" so that i decided to lay down again around the bed.hehe
woke up again about seven or eight, then cleaned my room, doing laundry, take a deep-bath, having breakfast at 12 am, doing some assignment, and just online and watching movie all day.
wheew. kinda rare chance.

sugooi. daebaak!!

well, im not finish to memorizing the katakana yet, but i did manage to memorize the hiragana since 1 week ago. Alhamdulillah :D
trying to memorizing it as soon as posible and finish the assignment.

oiaa, i havee flip handfonee :) its a white.
well, my 5300 will be called redy since it was red colored at the first time.
n97 will be called kuro like kurorin from tsubasa reservoir, big greedy but tame!hiahaha
the  new one called shiro since it is a white. tapi hapenyaa beluum saya pegang. baruu selasa

emm, my mom asked my grade but what can i say? the exam term even not finished yet.
awww just one week to go. say hola to holiday
hola holiday!
already have a plan mina san?

well, saya mau sleeping baeuty duyuu. udah mayem.haha


  1. artinya apa yah ? -,- gak ngerti deh

    1. ahahaha, sepertinya masalah yaa dengan bahasa inggris?
      google translatee doong


apa pendapat kalian??