Thursday, 12 January 2012

the dream of sleeping beauty

emmm, after shubuh i did sleep again.ehehe
you know what my dream was???
my dad give me a husband to be coming from England or maybe France that has such a big family.
he has almost 6 younger brother-sister which was love to be kissed on their check.
well i thought that it was kind of their habit in their own country, so i can't help.
then he has a skeptical aunt "especially about the food" so we had a little fight, and of course i won!haha
the problem is simple, its about a Parisian macaroon and some odd food. it just like a powder milk. what a strange!
the other thing that made me shock was i found a ton of old things on my cabinet. it was all old but i bet i've never touched it. that are all sealed like new things.
next is my father wanted to bought a new house around my lecturer -____-
omg what am i supposed to do?
well in the end, i've never know what kind of man that was being my husband to be.ahahaha

strange strange!

wish you another cherish day :)

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