Monday, 28 November 2016

Almost December

Eemmm yap my month is ended soon and thank yo ufor the birthday wishes peps!
So yeah I've just officially turns 24 years young two days ago. Lot of things came into my mind as at this age I don't feel like doing enough for my family nor my country and even for my religion. That's bad and I was like got nothing to celebrate because I am indeed ashamed of it. Pernah ga sih kalian ngerasain kaya gituu?
Tapiii gapapa, life must going on peps!
I know we are young, strong, and independent!
Bismillah semoga semuanya berjalan sesuai rencana. Doa ulang tahun ini semoga tahun depan suami ga lagi shift dua pas ulang tahun yaa Allah. Semoga masih bisa bertemu dalam keadaan sehat dan berkecukupan sama keluarga sama teman dan sama semua orang yang selalu ada buat saya.
Amiin yaa Rabbal Alamiin.
Well I kinda have a deep talk with my friend tata today as both of us as preparing for wedding, and few other friends since I have something to discuss about and come into a realisation that:
As we grow older, you'll have to deal with ecery kind of situation in your life no matter how ridiculous it is. I wonder how my parent survive with all those up and down. I am indeed very thankful but astonished at the same time!
And yes InsyaaAllah I am going to get engaged by 10th of December. Semoga lancar yaa Allah :D
Speaking if that, rasanya ini mau obrak abrik apa aja yg bisa di obrak abrik. Dapet di hari ulang taun dan ada kerjaan yg bikin mikir bawaannya jadi perlu mecin :/

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