Monday, 4 April 2016

Posting dikala hampir subuh

Yooow peeps!
For those whom today have the final exam, may the odd be with you!
Anyway now is 4 am, 4th of April and I don't even sleep yet while tomorrow I need to go to campus and have a study group which ussually up until 00.00

I got some random story for you guys...

So yeah I am kinda hungry right now and I really want beef. Beef and any other meat is kind guilty pleasure btw. So I am not supposed to eat beef that much as, I guess we both now, long term effect of meat is kinda bad. So we need to keep the balance between every nutrition intake and I am not ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So yeah my grandmom got problem with her intestine as she lobes to eat meat (I guess she is pretty much like me) and so my mom is very concerned about me eating meat. So yeah since then I started to balanced out between the meat and the vegetables.

These past few days, since I am working my brain harder due to final exam, I eat a lot. A LOT!
I gain 3 kilos already and be in 55kg.
So far, it is the proportional weight of mine but I might need to cut it down to 50.
I know this could be achieved with proper lifestyle which I don't have it yet but yeaah after S.T. I should start :")

I am looking for healthy 7 day meal plan and really love most of them. i have to say most of them are costly, atleast for college student like me.
Like the mayo diet, the meal that planned was so good (except the fact that it tasteless for most Indonesian people and especially sundanese that loves that umami and salty taste), makes me full, but indeed it cost quite expensive and really took time to cook. I was failed at the 7 day, I cheated ㅋㅋㅋ, and keep continuing the diet until the 9 day but can't keep it up.hahaha
I really would love to conquer this diet again BUT when I am home as it is easier to cook and preserve stuff there rather than on my dorm.

I also took a look at other 7 day healthy meal menu and feels like most of this require us to eat a lot but low in calories (but yes it is indeed kinda pricey and took time unless I am home *I really hope you understand this part*). So yeah. Eat healtier, work out more, and be more georges!

It is April already and perhaps I am supposed to rescheduling my 2016 resolution, pick the top priority, and working on it soon.
And yes you are right dad. So many thing that we could do after graduated and wish this friday also another milestone for me.
Amiin yaa Allah 💚💚💚

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