Monday, 10 November 2014


halo peps.
what is in this november?
the big deal, AGING!
hah yes i born in November 1992. few days more to be 22.
yolo 22.wtfjjusjsnojnxscm

and Alhamdulillah i have such a long live...
guess what i did today?
resting. thinking about my skripsweet (dan iya gue belom seminar kerja proyek sampe sekarang.fufufufu). and the most important stuff that i made today: my before 25 list.
so far i only have 6 mission to do and 1 of them is something that i need to working but i don't even know how to start.syalalalala

for you who already 24 and almost 25, how does it feel to be in that age. emm i do mean it like really asking like i had no clue.
two years ago i was wondering around to every body asking how does it feel to be 20ers. now i don't even bother that 22 number, perhaps Taylor Swift already tell me how's 22.
aaaaak mungkin kalo gue bisa handstand, bisa jadi gue lagi handstand sampe besok pagi nyari ilham.syalalala
oh iyaa, itu kalo ada yang kenal ilham mungkin bisa kali dikenalin :p

looking back for this almost whole 22 years since i was born, i almost did nothing.fufufufu *smirking* *catface*
awkaay lets have something done before 25.kekekeke
iyaa ituu mi, listnya diselesein dulu

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