Monday, 24 November 2014

Saya dan dku

Ini udah malem. Ngantuk. Tp pengen nulis. Atuh kumahaa uraaang ._.
Hello peps. How are you?
Saya lagi sibuk mengurus sesuatu yg belum jelas daaan menggembilkan pipi dan paha.duh :|
Sungguh muka adalah variabel paling ga kekontrol --"
Semua gara gara pipi. Iyaa gapapa. Nanti juga tirus lagi yah. Amin.haha

Anyway peps. Saya mau ngenalis sesuatu. Itu di judul, dku.
Akronim nama saya
Tapi mudah mudahan nama sama lambangnya bawa berkah yah ♡

Semoga lancar.
Kalian lagi sibuk apaan?fufufufu

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Te iubesc foarte mult Romania

back then in this day, i was still busy searching for project somewhere in part of this world.
right after one week later, i got accepted in one project called USE.RECYCLE.breath in Romania.
i can't even believe that it almost one year people. one year!
in one year soo many things happened in my life and turns out that time goes so fast.
i would like to say that i miss my partner. all seven of them.
we do come from different background and have different beliefs, but the word "unity in diversity" does exist.

now, it turns out that i miss Romania like crazy.
thinking how to get there as soon as possible.
one week never going to be enough!

i miss the day when i first drenched in snow with damned
i miss the day when i was using the subway and yes i still have the tickets
i miss the park, especially Herastrau park.
i miss all the castle, especially the one that being on sale! Dracula Castle. If only i was a real java princess peps.haha
oh my, that nickname. JAVA PRINCESS. no one would ever call me with that name again.haha

reason to be in love with Romania, well let say Romania's part that i love the most is Bucharest (since it is the capital, near the airport and yes i am easily got carsick, have lot of place to go that you can even go with WALKING, yes walking. i'm in love with walking in Bucharest mostly in the middle part and yes because i was living there.haha)

  • It is pretty cheap to live there, at least for me it still reasonable.
  • You will easily got your daily need. They have lots lots lots of mini market around and they probably have almost everything that you need.
  • they have lot of parks and flower shop.
  • most of driver is more patient than Indonesian driver.haha and yes, i do seriously learned to be a patient driver (even sometimes i don't, let say being patient may one of not-my-things-list, but i'm always trying)
  • subway which is the most perfect transportation. i wish that they could have toilets inside the subway station though...
  • most of the people are nice and friendly, i was once buying a flower for women day i supposed. first time i got there, there was a merchant was able to speak in English. the second time, i couldn't find him. the only merchant there is only an old lady which don't even know any words in English. but we made it. she was really thoughtful and i am so thankful to her. i only know how to count, saying thank you and some basic.haha since then, every time i pass that shop, the lady is always saying hi.haha
  • the castle-like house! this is soo ahmazing!
  • and lot of stuff that i might forget to describe since i have lot of word in my mind.

funfact: biggest market place called "Dragonul Rosu" have some items come from Indonesia.haha i was like? omg really?

when you are in Romania, or perhaps any other country please mind your belonging.
haha i lost my wallet and after two weeks it comeback in the same place where i lost it.haha
so it would be good to place your contact number inside your wallet.
you might lost the money you have inside but at least you still have your card and id card back
it would be good if you have the waist-bag, or some bag that fisherman always had around their waist to keep your phone, money, card and any other important stuff.
it was my bad. i place my wallet in a plastic bag and i put it inside a trolley while i was in carrefour in Piata Uniri.

pentru prima zapada, multumesc frumoas!
miss you, Romania!
miss you, Friends!

Monday, 10 November 2014


halo peps.
what is in this november?
the big deal, AGING!
hah yes i born in November 1992. few days more to be 22.
yolo 22.wtfjjusjsnojnxscm

and Alhamdulillah i have such a long live...
guess what i did today?
resting. thinking about my skripsweet (dan iya gue belom seminar kerja proyek sampe sekarang.fufufufu). and the most important stuff that i made today: my before 25 list.
so far i only have 6 mission to do and 1 of them is something that i need to working but i don't even know how to start.syalalalala

for you who already 24 and almost 25, how does it feel to be in that age. emm i do mean it like really asking like i had no clue.
two years ago i was wondering around to every body asking how does it feel to be 20ers. now i don't even bother that 22 number, perhaps Taylor Swift already tell me how's 22.
aaaaak mungkin kalo gue bisa handstand, bisa jadi gue lagi handstand sampe besok pagi nyari ilham.syalalala
oh iyaa, itu kalo ada yang kenal ilham mungkin bisa kali dikenalin :p

looking back for this almost whole 22 years since i was born, i almost did nothing.fufufufu *smirking* *catface*
awkaay lets have something done before 25.kekekeke
iyaa ituu mi, listnya diselesein dulu