Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hello hello hello

Ehehe i know ive been putting those name for so many post, but that is what i wanted to give as my post's titlle.
As you know, tommorow is friday and T.G.I.F i am hoing to tasik and pangandaran to do some research for my final assignment in uni. I am sooo excited! Wohooo
Tommorow gonna be a tiresome day, but Bismillah :)
Anyway i have my first vlog post recorded about 2 days ago, but didn't get to edit it. I hope the blankout will finish soon.
The things that i hate in uni is i couldn't deal with blackout like crazy.
Every rainy day and even sometimes in sunny day like today, pooof, the electricity went out.
Pleaaasee PLN, ini blater mati lampu mulu. Yang ngampus apa kabar? Dosen gabisa nayangin slide, mahasiswa gabisa ngeprint atau yg batre laptopnya bocor gabisa garap tugas --"
Fotokopi gabisa jalan juga... cepetaan dinyalaaaiin dooong :"(

Thank you fir coming and reading this blog :*

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