Thursday, 3 January 2013

new years and what?

i know it is soooo late, but still..
happy new year minna sama :)
i wish i have a new years's photo but i didn't get my tripod back yet. hiks
well well, tell me what's your new years's wishes?

i can feel already that this year is going to be such a fabulous years. more shining than past years, sparkling and twinkling even better!
my very first missions are to pass this five term's exam as best as that i can get, then have a good photo session this year and also have wonderful holiday. yay!
next mission is pass the N-5 exam with ji to the o o di (read: good) result.
my blog-mate say that "be kindly" and what am i going to say is Amin ya Allah.

anyway peeps.
i have such a news and such a story to tell ya!
in this new year's eve:

good news?
my pap was coming, with mom, and my brother.
they took a hotel but since they got a suite room, which is cost two times than regular ones, after one night they decided to sleep at my room. haha
feels good to make a decision to buy 200 x 180 cm bed. useful for my-quite-big-family.
my little brother get psp because he has a good mark. i do happy for his mark. you know how a scholar subject lately, not as easy as my time. there's no special coming from the psp, it just a toy. but, my brother knows how much i love persona (Japanese game) so that he had the game for me.
he told me that it is hard to play, but when i played it, i know how could this game be so hard for him.
for everyone who don't know what is persona about, i'll tell you.
persona is a game which you have to do a battle but also main a connectivity with another npc.
you have to beat a demon in order to keep things right with your equipment or else, you can summon a persona (something like your guardian angel or yeaaaaah something that you can summon to do the battle).
i played persona 3, which come for PS 2, but then the ps is broken so i never play that again. then i read the comic, and watch the manga.
anyway I've never finished that game. but still, it is good game with a good graphic.
if you curious you may play it yourself.
i just never expected that he asked persona game to the merchant for me. what a lucky sister.
let's move on into another brother. he is ranked 26 for 31 student.
i know he is having such a hard time. i do really wish to be around him to help.
my father told him, "I never asked you to get the 1st rank or what, but please have a good mark. you may be the last but still at least your minimum point is 8 or 9 out of 10"
then i wonder, eeem no matter what he said, he just wanted the best for their kids. (he even asked me how about to have a refrigerator plus AC at dorm, and even he said that it would be great if i have my own house here. oh my God sir. i am not having such an intention to live here more than next 2,5 years)

speaking of paps...
my friends pap, Muammar's pap passed away this morning. about 5 am. he text me and i was reading that news in half awake since I've just go to sleep at 4++ this morning.
it was like ah really? then i fell asleep again.rrrr
just this noon I checked up my phone and read that message again. took a minute to finally found out oh my God. how come.
when i was in high school i knew that his father was suffering for something that i don't exactly knew.
well peps, the death is waiting us.
whoever you are, wherever, and whenever it might come.
let's pray all...
may Allah always be with him.
i do believe that he is a good father muam :)

jump back to my family news, do you know my sissy.
the most closest girl siblings that i have are Ochy and Dwi.
why i wanted to talk about them? because we have a little age differences and they are the most closest girl in my family.
Ochy is married already and she is having a kiddo! i am officially an aunty.
my far far far faaaaaaar siblings already have one and his kid is only 10 years younger than me which is means only 1 years younger than my littlest brother.
i did even forget their names.
back to Ochy, she was married about 1 years ago. i was attended her wedding and become their photographer.
and nooow, today, three hours ago, she has a baby!
yaay, Ochy foooor suree your kiddos have to call me a "beautiful aunty!"
i won't budge if your kid call me "aunty" only!
another sissy named dwi.
she is two years younger than me.
seeing her photos, i miss her sooo much! and yet i also happy that found out something like "oooo my... i guess and hope that you have a lively, lovely, and happy life always!"

it feel so good to knows that everyone around you are happy and it is hurt sometimes to know that your people were hurt too...
so 2013 be nice to my beloved family, my friends, and another people that have been always worked hard for the people their love.

potato lady wanna be,
Dian Kurnia Utami Kartadipura

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