Tuesday, 18 December 2012

such an early morrrning post!

holaa, it's nice to know that i am twenty...
even it is also hard to introduce my self like this:
my name is Dian Kurnia Utami
i am twenty years young

or else...

わたし は ディアン  くル二ア ウタミ です
にじゅ さい です
どぞ よろしく おねがいします
*ini juga kalo ngetiknya gasalah

wo de mingzi Dian Kurnia Utami
wo jinnian 20 sui.
*ini juga kalo gasalah inget

being this late, for some reason (watching movie) i am still awake.haha
suddenly i found out about student-report-day!
i wonder how will my brother report card will be.
should it'll be something surprise me like whether it'll be green card or else red card.haha
well, i know my elder-lil-brother seems have problem in catching up his grades.
no wonder  my parent was really worried some.
i do have my own worries but heey pals, i was a student.
i think i understand his position. without me at home means that he is the oldest kiddos at home and he'll be having such a generous amount of attention.
there's a time when i felt like
"should i quit college here? wouldn't it be better if i was there? having my house completely cleaned all day, let my mom doing her works as light as she can, take care of my grandma, and of course teach my lil brother as well as private teacher ever."
bu then another things poppin out of my mind.
"hello mam, what would you then? just foolling around like some unemployed person? give up upon your career-to-be, do anything just like a maid when you raised a queen? it is big no. such a waste. wouldn't it be good to finish this school early and then taking care about you-life-to-be and your family?"
then i started to think that everyone will do their best.
besides if i am just standing still at home, i wouldn't gain such a weight.

talk about weight, i gain 12 kilos (yes, it is kilos) in just two and half years!
repeat, two and half year *sigh
have you remembered how much my weight was? it was only 46 kilos.
for someone with 165+cm height like me, it was toooo thin. how could human livin a life with such a paper body?
then i wished for a weight. at least sixty.
when i told my father he is really against my-this-will.
okay i followed him and stop at 55 kilos right about for month ago and now it turned 58 kilos.haha
actually, it not annoying to have such a weight. but the problem is, the fat is only about my belly and thigh *sigh
so i've decided to lost some weight (in this case even if i don't lose it, at least i should transfered properly) by any way (not on such a diet of course, sounds tiring)
well, we'll see how it works.

anywwwaaaay. i've decided to come back to EEC, engineering english club, since my HMTS period is over around march.
well, some people asked me whether i was searching for BEM or not.
to be honest, i'd like to d both of EEC or BEM.
buuut, this year it would be such a tiring year i choose both of them. this new BEM (it's been suspended for such a reason) seem have such a lotta work to do which i don't even sure that it would be okay with me. soooo i'll just go with EEC.
it's good to have a place which we can share the knowledge.wohooo!

wish me luck for another year, another round, and another passion!
Bismillah :)
i need to sleep now, or else i will really really have such a dark circle and need such an amount of concealer.

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