Tuesday, 9 October 2012

attitude babe, not altitude. we are not a pilot!

holaaa amigoo :)
after having such a blast sunday, which is having quite a me-time last sunday, my energy has been filled up.
but since this day i have such-a transportation day, my face must have look like a train or somthin i guess, the energy is only half way. fiuh...
okay to charge them in, i am going to memorize the last sunday.
after having busy week, i still have to spend my weekend at campus.
saturday by doing lab things, and sunday i was supposed to be at UKM course at somewhere around the main campus.haha
then, after having early bath, well dressed, and having a-happy-ready-face, i just found out that no one going to come.
it was like this photostrip
1. okay i have nothing to do now
2. but i've already setled
3. bored for sure
4. better be patient
5. i can't
6. geez
7. what should i do
8. thinking
9. got a tweet from denia to have such a me-time
10. ah it is not working
11. what is supposed to be next?
12. mind my day
13. how if i just go with it, to have some proper eat
14. emmm
15. thinking again
16. okay that's a good idea
17. errrr who's one earth that i am going to go with
18. wait
19. what are you going to do pals?
20. thinking again and again
21. rolling my eyes
22. is it okay
23. not sure
24. alright, i am goin in
25. yes i am goin to have some me time

so that how i found out that i will go to the fresh market, salon sound nice, buy some goodies.
i was mean to have a risol, but then i make up my mind. rather than make it, better just buy it.hihihi
after that buying another goodies to go.
next, searching up for good salon, but then i found out i was taking the wrong way. then i found Rumah Warna to have new wallet, then i just buy a sky-blue bag. just like my mood. blue-mood.

i forgot to mention it's coming to a rainy season, i bring a rain coat at my old bag.
then on the way home, i was really enjoying the speed.
it takes less than 40 kmph.haha soo slow in such a rainy day with all goodies that i've bought before.
during the way home, i realized one thing.
it is good to have a rain dance, but it is not good to have your children under the rain coat.
hard to breath.
so, dear my husband to be, could you make sure that our kiddos will never ever be under the raincoat, in such a rainy season? means that could we have to not using a motorcycle during the rainy day? it is okay if there is only two of us, or maybe just you with the kids, but not three or more of us.
i would never take my children life''s to a danger, ever.
how about car, or public transportation instead? they sounds good and even safer babe.

talk about future, i am seriously imagining how would it be like in next ten years?
i did wanted to have such a good job, such a busy day, but somehow now i think even i have the PhD degree, could i just become a queen in my house? a housewife?
i have no passion for having a life under the table, wearing uniform all day, meeting, working from day to night, or somewhat that sounds a like.
strange huh?
that is my dream ever since i was maybe 3 years young.
wearing a heels, stylish blazer, driving fancy car, having my own secretary, and just come to the office if have a call. what a dreamer.hihi
wish my dream comes true so then i could wish for earlier retirement.hehehe

okay pals, i think i need a rest. big day comes tommorow.
have a sound sleep :)

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