Sunday, 9 September 2012

hey the country

it is 9th of Sept. tomorrow's going to be 10th of Sept, so that means the fifth term of my college life is going to be started.
worried-some? nah,
excited? nah nah,
so? rather than saying i am worried or else i am excited, i am saying that "i am enjoying it".

any way i am saying congratulation to Melisa. she get her permit to bring the motorcycle.hehe
and tomorrow we are going to drove it.syalalalala

back to the 5th term, i have new bed.haha big one.
and this is my bedroom :)

and then, take a look at the upper cabinet...
it is a girl thing, skincare, lotion, mascara, lip gloss, powder, broach, hairpin, sanitizer, etc.

my room is not ready yet, i will make it blue. and i am waiting for the painter ~~~
so good luck everyone for your new term.
i think, i am about to sleep early. easily sleepy during these day.

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