Friday, 31 August 2012

last day of august, Daddy's day!

hola le papaps,
i do not sure that you'll read it through.
but, happy blast golden year.
this is the day that I've always worried some for.
because now, both of you and le madame is reaching your golden years.
and i am still 19, wondering how long both of you will be here, beside us, your beloved children ever.
i wish so many things for your golden years,
wish you have another cherish day as always.ehehe
wish you became more handsome.
wish you have beautiful marriage with your wife, le madame, my mom.
wish you can be a good child for your parents, my grand-grand. and also always be a good pa for your children.
wish you have good career.
wish you always on the right track.
wish you always remember that mighty Allah and your family is always be with you and watching you.
love you 

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