Friday, 23 March 2012


kinda horrible when your data is missing for unbelievable reason.
i was open my folder and found out how mess my last term folder was. i decided do clear files up.
found a folder, that i realized so unimportant, i pressed the "Del" button and a dialogue box shown up saying that might be caused a change in my drive. i taught that was fine until...
jeng jeng jeng....
i couldn't found my college file! it was gone.
check the recycle bin and big -o-
trying to undo and the only thing i found was 15+ Mb folder with unnecessary file.bah upset by my self
thanks God my whole work for this term saved.
at least i still have my moment ~~~

i know that it is only, well maybe a junk, since I've past it and have no need at it anymore. but hey, lot of my hard-work there :(

kyoosukete nee ami san...
hai, kyoshiteshimasu (next time)

hah. jump to other story.
how's the japanese class doing?
genkidesu ~~~
but yeaa need a lotta work. my friends, Tites, is also join my class but with different class. once he catch up, maybe it's a good idea to have same class with him. at least i need not to ride alone.hehe
then this pict is my Japanese note. the left (by your side) is my third met at the class. messy?hihi you are right. cann't remember the hiragana yet. and this is my last note by 21st of this march... better finnaly...

how your life?

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