Saturday, 15 October 2011

when we have many things to says

Dear God,
i would like to thank you for giving me such a blessing, i feel like i am the most blessed person in the world.

thank you for giving me the best couple that i have ever seen, my parents :)
while another have get something by their own, my parents give me anything with their own.
they show me the way to You. they give me all love in the world that nobody else can give. they give me a place to let me grow. they even teach me how to walk then run, how to talk then read, how to breath when i can't, how to respect each other, and how to know You.
please give them Your best place someday...

the last and also important, thank you for let me know my friends. there is a lot of them, so i cant mention the one by one.
they are always beside me whenever i need. giving me such a new knowledge. make me see this whole fantastic dazzling world. told me about a price of life.
please let them be my friends forever...

with love,
your humble slave....


  1. ahaha, maaf maaf. ada google translater bukan??

  2. pinter bgt nya
    bole ni share ma aku, :D

  3. aww. tengkyuu. boleh yuuk share apah kita?hehe


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