Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Happy Bornday Mom

this is a post after long time since i cant post ( dont have any modem quote.haha)
first of all i would like to stay Happy Bornday mom, Happy 49th...
like what i've told you about my wish, i really wish you a happily ever after, everlasting with you husband a.k.a my dad, and still being a lovely mom.

i feel so sad tho see this pic.
*again look at my lil bro.hahaha

i miss you (and i want your cake.hehe)
suddendly i remember what happenend about 8 month ago when we celebrate oki's (the big bro) birthday. i made a birthdaycake and khalid (lil bro) got veeerrrrrryyyy jealous.haha
he said..
"ugh... what a luck! all of you celebrate oki's birthday in 3 times and even you (me) made a birthday cake for him. you never made it for me!"
ahahaha. i do promise that this year ill made a birthday cake for you. the cutes one that ive ever made, more precious than my birthday cake :P
i love you all :*

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