Monday, 11 April 2011


IUT, what a cute name.
im trying to keep posting even im kinda busy with my college assignment.
today i take the IUT practice on the field. uyeaaa.

note for doing IUT practice:
1. use a sneakers, so you dont hurt your foot.
2. bring sandals, who knows that you have to get in to the field. i loooveeee to get in to the field.haha and if your feet get wet, its not comfy to use a sneakers.
3. use sunblock. remember that when you take the number of height, nobody will be your-umbrella-girl. they will be an umbrella girl for the water pass. (poor us.haha)

well, even tiring (we need to stand along the practice and its about 3 hours) i looovee it :)

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