Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Same one, AGAIN????

its almost a year since i face the national examination, thats means its almost a year since im being a college student. (hello, you just have started your second term --,)
then i wanna ask you guys, whether you have ever meet an annoying lecturer??
well, as good girl, i cant even saying that, but in the other side i feel a little annoyed with her.
can you imagine that she loves to change your classes schedule just because very simple excuses??
1. she has to took her child from school so that her child DO NOT EAT a NOODLE
2. she didnt care how effective it will be if all of her student had to study in ONE CLASSES. (helloo, you'll teach us an important subject mam!)
3. she dont want come to my campus for 2 days in a week. ONE DAY only.
4. she dont want to get sunburn and sunheat (we do get it every-single-day and we still okay)
5. etc.

hoaaaaaaaa, it horrible feeling --,
i want say the she is payed, it is her job, and even it is her risk. but yeaa lecturer always right.
i dont like her since the first meeting :((

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