Saturday, 5 March 2011

proudly announced

here it goes
him: what is your favorite colour?
me: i dont have
him: im serious
me: so do i
him: *glare

yeep till that day i did not have any favorite color, but then i found.ehehehe
maroon. why? as brave as red, but its not as light as it, a lil bit dark but look expensive and glamorous, then its a color of mature i think. not looks like a pastel, more expressive.hehe my aunty told me that im match with pastel even im a teenager because im childish (?) so that its okay to use any colour included pastel that makes me looks more mature and become as the same ages as i do (well it means that i way look less than what im aged)

then finnaly i found the others one, a few minutes ago, i realized that orange is amazing.
just like my now tshirt.hehe
huee, i want an orange kube TT___________TT

see the orange one????
*forget about x5

next target after new bank account and sushi party :)

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  1. aku ada 2 nih kak....yg oren nganggur lg....:D


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