Thursday, 11 November 2010

soal cita cita

i dont know how could it be.
nowadays i have more patient to be a student of law faculties.
omg.. i want it >.<
then i have a lot of things to be taught before move. first, civil engineering is moooreee promising than law fac. (i guess) but in the other side, it also have a lot of big risk ahead even i know there will be always something ahead us.
somehow, i feel very lucky to be here at unsud, but i do want the other unversity nearer to my family.

honestly, since i was a lil kid a loong time ago, i wanted to be a big bos. biiig biig booos ever who only come to the office when i have a call or appointment only.hehehe
its still being my prior, or maybe i can be a consultant. senior consultant at agung podomoro group.aheeeeeeeeey
Amiiin ya Allah, may my wish be granted :))
(my friends said that im so cruel for being wanted to be like that!oalaah...)

i wanna tell you readers for many times, i choose sience program at seniorhigh was not for being a scientist in science side. but for being a law experxt ever.
then suddenly, i turn it over into a engineering fac. weew, its soooooooooo 180 degrees of change --,

hueee big hesitate ~~~
i need help for sure...

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