Saturday, 6 November 2010

jogja oh jogja

2 day ago. after uts. iwent to yogyakarta :))
using elf, with the other expedition team. yeah..
but what we were intented were help the other. humanition mission.ahahaha

well, actually i wanna crying a bit there. i saw a lot of kids had tosleep with newspaper as the bed.
huee guys, lets we pray for indonesia!

then i played a games with them. i made a frog with origami from frog. and they soo happy. huee its so sweet. why? okay first, thats only a colored paper. then i fold it to make a frog. after it i teach them and give them the other colored paper. after it, they feel so happy >.<

ps: look at the ashes. reewwr

 gabung gabung sama anak UGM. heey they are senior. so we are the xpeditionist is the kewwwl person.

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