Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My 101 post, for aji :)

Heyy you, i read my name on your post -.-

Hue, i cant belt it out L Shy J

But, well, finnaly i found what you really wanna said to me. Be strong dude J (eh jadi ini siapa yang monetnaa?) Actually i dont have any words for you now, i wish i have, ill tell you soon if only i have it.

Thank you soo much for being a good listener and advisor ever, even you have big-messy-days you always hear my stories. So herewith i do declare that im PROUD OF YOU big dude.ehehehe

You have to tell me you happy-story as soon as possible ji.okaaay! I wish, may your wishes granted, then get well soon for your dad J

:bendera bertuliskan "get well soon papanya aji" sepanjang 5 meter:

Emoticon yang maksa.hehe

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