Friday, 13 August 2010

This is what I wanna post since long time agooo

First chapter...

Yeaah, because I didn't have enough time to enjoy posting, I didn't posting for long time (not really.hehe)

Okay, I write this post using Ms. Word (again) and post it later because now (Tuesday, August 10, 2010 ; 08.04 PM) I don't bring my modem.ehehehe

Im here, at my kos-kosan :DD

Even I got a trouble with the keyhole (tomorrow someone will fix it) I do enjoy writing this post…

I guess, ill need some adaptation here. Why? First, because I love to wash my foot, even if I only went to my aunt house (her house is only some step of my door) but here, my wc (actually, it's not belongs to me. Belong to everyone who lives here) it located outside my room. Next, I usually drink a glass of juice once in a day, so I bet ill miss it. Other problem is, I sleep here aloneee… usually there were my lil bro beside me, gonna miss them…

Huee, other things for you to know is wc is such inspiring place (ive said it before) but, I cant stay at this kos-kosan wc for a long time… it will troubled other person…

Heem, that's about my kos-kosan. Next its about film, Jurassic park. You know?? It's a film about dinosaurs, do you know dr. Grant?? Huee I admire him >.<

He is to the point and imaginative, good teacher ever I bet J

But I have a question, why they didn't make herbivore only? (I know the answer, because if there is only herbivore, the film wouldn't be famous.ehehehe)

Next film is Mr. Bones. Well, I see a cigarette made from animal waste, and its sooo yuck… I hate cigarette and smoker a lot, and this film makes me hate cigarette a lot >.<

Hoo, about cigarette, you know someone who is alcoholic? (heeh? It's not about cigarette.hehe, but its friends) like Gery Iskak (iyaa apah namanya ini? Lupaa…) I don't know what he was thinking about, he had a serious problem because he loves to drink before, and he still drink it?weeeh.. Somehow I don't even know how it could be… Not only about him, but other person who like him…


Second chapter…

The other part of my post. I post this part at 11 August 2010 7:53 PM

Next thing is about my problem here. There is no much public transportation here >.< I need to take long time to wait the bus, and the bus stop in some place in very looooooooooooooooooooooooong time to take passengers L

I need my own vehicle, if I buy a bike, oh my God, I'll never get my ideal weight (I've just lost 4 kilos)

If I have motorcycle, God, it's dangerous here. Imagine that in front of you house a car could run at 140 kmph. Crazy… besides that, I remember what my father said, "If you wanted to drive a motorcycle, drive it as if you drive a car" and then I'm thinking that I don't want to drive a motor in that condition. I'm not feel save, except my motor could run faster or my father give me motorcycle.

If I buy a car, I even couldn't drive it yet L

Taxi? It's a rare thing ever I guess.

Other topic is about my school, as long as I know, since PG, JS, JHS, and even SHS, both of my parents decided it for me. But for the university it's my own decision (proud of my university, UNSOED).hehehe

Heem, when I ate my dinner near my kos-kosan, I met someone, her name is HANA, he is my SENIOR at civil engineering J she is beautiful, polite, and friendly person. I'm so glad to meet her. She told me many things… thank you soo much kak J

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