Friday, 13 August 2010

Next next :)

This post is about other things that I wanna post it before.hehe

This is 11 August 2010 8.11 PM

While waiting my mom finished taking pray, I do keep writing my post.hehe

Remember my old post …

I forget to you about this. I saw a lil girl sold a big bucket of tomatoes. You know what? She brought a hand phone which is the same tipe like my lil bro has.haha

My theory is accepted, in Jakarta we don't even know who is really in the bottom grade or at the top grade ever -.-

Then, when I went to purbalingga, I saw something that I guess it is amazing.

See this pict.

Can you imagine that both of them run after the train only for 10k or 20k? wew, even I found an old man. They supposed to be stayed at home, enjoy their time with their family…

I even don't have to run after the train only for 20k.

If you go too Jatinegara Train Stasion, you may see a potter whose back number is 28 (named joni or Jodi, I really forget, he is good potter ever.ehehehe J)

You know, when I have my monthly-shopping, a middle aged woman (by looking at her outfit, I think she is middle-end-economically) she looking at my family crate. For the first, I didn't know what is she wonder about my crate, and then she asked my mom, "bu, buka warung yah?"

"ga ko bu, blanja bulanan aja"

"oh saya kira buka warung. Ko banyak banget bu?"

"iya buat bulanan, skalian buat puasa, klo abis ya beli lagi"

Then I know what she was thinking.

Not long time after that, she asked me again.

"gabuka warung mba?"

I did lil bit surprised, "ah? Iya bu, buat bulanan aja"

"saya kira buat buka warung abis banyak banget"

Well a trolley full filled by many item plus a bucket (full filled too) is a lot of things.

It's my family habit, once in a month stored my storage with grocery…

That woman realized me (again and again) how lucky I am.

Thank God for give me such a wonderful family…

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