Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ekonomi – Ekonomi AC

Hari ini, gue k jatner nyari bahan bua bikin baju bermodal 150K, guess what? I was using a train.

Deket ye rumah gue ama jatner, knapa bisa naik kreta?

Ehehehe, okay this is because I went there with dinar…

Ini salah satu perjalanan gila yg pernah ada… I swear it…

Mulai dari berangkat yg cengangas-cengenges, ampe cerita pulang yg paling bego.

Imagine, 13.30, the security said the train will came at 14.00, so I decided to take pray first since I still have half of hour.

But after I finished my wudhu, I heard information that said my train was comin…

Yees, I do need twice tought which should I take first, dinar and me was very confused..

Then a man told me, "kenapa dek?"

"keretanya dtg pak"

"yauda naik aja, sholat masi ada besok"


Well, that's the most advice that ive ever hear -.-

But I take train first, go to ardi's house and I took a pray there..

*sorry God, I don't mean to…

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