Monday, 26 July 2010

My mom

From the title above, we know what the next topic is. Mother, exactly my mother.hehe

Well, my mom is not the ordinary one *for me.

She is kinda busy lady, but she still does housewife's things.

Compared to other mom, maybe she still imperfect, but I do love her…

She is the best doctor ever, even the most patient ever…

Memorizing about the time when my parents wanted to get divorced, I do lost my hope, it was feel like you are the most pathetic person in the world, I know the problem is because they bad habit *some of its in me.haha

Yeaah both of them talked to me as im the eldest child. My lil bro didn't notice there was something bad went. I do leave home all day, started from morning and went back home when it was almost night…

My mom said, that she loves her children, me, and my lil bros, that why she keep struggling. Well its been 2 years ago, when im in 10th grade at school…

Now every thing going better, all I know my parents are romantic couple (but weird.haha)

My mom now still with us. She is the only one who knows what I do love in style, my father? He give me weird style sometimes, but sometimes he give me cutie style.hehe

Heem, much thing to tell about my mom, =.=

Fyi, she try to catch up and finish all of her work to get one month off.horaaay

She is going to go with me at least 2 week in my first day at college.hehe

Feel like im the sweetest child ever.hehe

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