Friday, 23 July 2010

chikenpox or smallpox?

apa laah ini, a name that i found 2 days ago.haha
i do get it. chikenpox, smallpox, or maybe youll be happier to hear that wiith "CACAR" *sfx: jeng jerejeeeng jeeng jeeng...
ive been staying at home for 4 days. did nothing (not exactly, i did slept, ate, walked inside my house, did lil housewife things, prayed *of course lah.. watched tv, played ps, and anythings thats not necesarry to tell here.haha)
i miss my bf (it could be for best friends and boyfriend, right?)
i wanna plaayiiin outside >.<
i have a plenty job to be done there...
i have to find my "new house"
okay since ive accepted in UNSUD, so i have to find KOS-KOSAN, but i think it gonna be look like i'm moving to my 'New Houses' since my father and my mom said i have to furnish my 'KOS-KOSAN' with new appliances that ive to buy asap.hehe *you dont want to live in a house with bed and a closet only, right?* thank you soo much. ill choose the best things only and only thing what i need... promise :D

okay first of all i have to do is get well soon.
then take photos for my KTM.yeyeiii
after that buy 1 white shirt *i need it for ospec
packing.. registering.. last, get moving..

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