Wednesday, 19 May 2010

this book is so wonderful :D

this book named INDONESIA

the cover

the back

This book its title and contents of Indonesia. It contained a full tour guide for travel in Indonesia, from who backpacker or until a five-star class one.

Published by Backpacker forum names lonely planet. Spread throughout the world.
Huee want to come, unfortunately one of the conditions you must accept the backpacker from another State.
My home's too small, so I can only say:
sorry I have not got enough room for you, how about hotel.hahahaha

The book is 924 pages + + thickness who unfortunately I get the world edition, and the language is not a simple language.
So yes waste my energy to read. (Mending read NGM. Iyalaah ~ ~ ~)
It created by 11 people abroad.
It's a shame the other can get tourism info as this detail book but Indonesian people could not?
But we should be proud of this book, because Indonesia is one of many States which known as good travel place ever. cool: D

the inside

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