Thursday, 20 May 2010

a letter for men, boys, and .....

well i have tired day today..
when i woke up, i took a pray and then i bought something to eat as my breakfast. after i had my breakfast, i took a bath and took my brother school, then i go to school, i had something to discuss there.(oki) hahahahaha...
after it i had a course, then i went around my neighborhood and rent films.hehe
after that, i went home and suddenly my friends phoned me.
a long journey with her.hehe
on the way went home, it was a heavy rainy evening. cold outside.
on every way, i thought that i wanted to write many letters for-men (but one of them just a jerk.haha)

first one, i for my grandpa. called Mr. Samsi Badsa.
hi grand, how d? i hope you happy there. i really miss you...
i miss the time when we had a fight just because a TV channel. i wanted to see cartoon in the morning and you wanted to see news.
hee, i wanna tell you about your son in law. i do believe that some day he will be like yours..
a best husband ever.amiin..

next, my other grandpa. named Mr. Durachim...
get well soon yaa grand.. you have to proud with your eldest child. my father..
you have to get well soon ya..
i miss youuu...

next, my lovely husband to be, Adnin Musadri Asbi.hehehe
heey youuu!! i thanked to god becuse he sent you for me.
Love Youuu..

next, my brother
hee. lo jgn ngegamee muluuu doong ah.

next, son of B****
you ar such a hypcrite person ever. i wanna kick your face and put you in BKT.hahaha

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