Wednesday, 3 February 2010

errr... much much thing to say

talk about:

have you heard this sentence: Big Things Come From Small Packaging.
if it a yes, what do u think about it relation between this sentence and body?
if the answer is no. let think about it.

kalo kata pade kantin: kalo badannya gemuk, ga menarik
lalu kata bude kantin: ah bude dulunya juga kecil, sekarang gemuk-gemuk juga.
kata gue: heem brartii bude sekarang menariknya cuma buat suaminya bude

body guard,

have you ever think how will everything be if you have a bodyguard??
today after school, i wanted to went home by walking to the Kimia Farma with fithar and uluue, because my "angkotmate" picked up by his boy friend (intan amalia safira was picked home by rahmandra ramli)

along the way, i always laughed with them
i think they are a good bodyguard.hehe
first fithar is a greenybelt
and uluuue is "tukang pukulnya si sabuk ijo" mean uluue is more stronger than fithar.haha (mang enak lo de kalah ama cewe lo!)
soon i'll get they photo.
they get mooosssst wantteeeed bodyyy guarddd

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