Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Iro iro suru ga aru

Kadang, akan ada waktu dimana semua hal yang terjadi bahkan yg belum terjadi pun kepikiran. Kaya sekarang...
I got a bad news earlier today.
*Not literally in early day but yeaah earlier before i write this post.
My mom's big brother is passed away yesterday (as i write this at 1 am, so it is yesterday right?)
At this moment, i am not even sure how it feels. I am not close to him but still he is my uncle, the one that always make sure i eat good food everytime i came to his house, the one that teach me about sharing to my little brother, and so many other good things that he did for me and my family :)
It just hard to see my aunt and my cousin today. as my uncle died in 55 (fyi my parents are 54) lot of tought just swirling around my mind, marriage, jobs, education, next plan, my brother, and yes about my parents.
If someone die based on timing order, it will come and hunt my mom, my father, then me. No more elderly before my mom like literally no one. I know that death is one of the biggest mistery on live but, you know it just hard to explain everything clearly at the moment like this?
Someone die, but othes lives continue. I was wondering how does it feels to stay there as a corpse?
No one sure about it.
All i can say is be strong Adhi, Fahri. We may young and need a guidance, but we are young and strong.
I know you'll have bright future. I sincerely hope the best for your father, the eldest son of Mr. Samsi.
Btw ini kenapaa siih playlisst radiooo jam segini sukanya melow. Someone change the song --"

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