Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy novemberians day!

Yay Alhamdulillah is the first thing to say because now I'm officially 21 years young. This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but due to a lot of things happen I can't make it.
Next thank you everyone for the wishes. I'm so glad even more than glad to have you guys.

Like a lot of people said to me, age is doesn't matter, yes I do agree.
But... somehow I realized something. The biggest thing that I should be always thankful is my parents. It's not like I'm not thanksful before, but they are my best gift. Knowing they are healthy and seeing they are a live is more than enough.
They already 51 years old, still working, and still have no clue about their grandson.haha
Yep that is something that always bothering me for a while. I love children but it doesn't seem like I would have them pretty soon. The things that I'm afraid are could they see their grandson? Or even could they see me wearing a wedding dress?
Eeeek I wish they could.
Ps. Please don't think that I wanted to get married as soon as possible, I'm just afraid because of my parents age.

Anywaaay ive got some presents. 2 books from melisaa (thankyouu sissy, I need the small one and trying to read the others :*) and fluffy dog doll from yogo. Thankyouuu guys.mwehehe
Another good news come from Aiesec.

Hello Romanian, I'm the Aiesec ambassador from Indonesia for Romania this winter :)

I've got a perfect birthday. Even so, I would like to wish a healty year. Healty enough at least until I finished my ambassadors assignment. Amin ya Allah.

Other things that I would like to tell you is I have a lotta things to do and this was a suppeeer hectic month for sure!
How's yours?
Aaak I need doctor and salon, please.

Happy last Wednesday in November!

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