Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Home *again*

It is not like I don't have any assignments or whatsoever. Went back home just like every month for no reason.
Believe me I have a reason.

Do you guys know that I only have grandma from my mom since my grandpa *I used to call him eyang* already passed away?
Yep last holiday she was sick.
To be honest, all people home and didn't know anything except she was too tired since her house was under renovation because the house got aging.
It's not like we don't care about her and didn't bring her to the hospital. We did.
The doctor said the same thing. Over fatigue.

Months passed.
She still sick, we took her to hospital. Nothing wrong.
Went to lab for further examination, we got everything works like how it supposed to except the intestines. Her was like not even working because she got cancer and was high stadium.
That time, we realized how could that she didn't have any appetite and almost always feel stomachache.
I didn't know the lab results yet until my mom told me once I home like about 2 months ago.
She told me not to eat any meat.
Well I don't have any good time to eat meat at dorm.
I asked her why, she told me the situation and I was like...
oh my God. Is it true? How could.

From that time, even I was home I never really home. I went to my grandma house and spend my day there.
Since I saw her "writing a will" and even told me something, I've got a feeling that she won't had much time left.
She was survived 2 - 3 days more than I expected. It's not like I wish that. I am not that typical of grandchild.
You know someone said that 40 days before someone die they will act strange. I keep counting the day while wishing that she will have a happy live till the and and can wait at least her last grandchild.

About 5 days ago my dad text me that she passed away one week ago.
I was upset to death.
How could no people tell me before?
But the I just know that they are so busy because a lot of guests come to my grandmother house like everytime.

So here I am.
At Argo Dwipangga train. On my way home.
This is the most expensive train that I have ever had. Its like my 3 weeks expenses. For youu halmeonim... :*
Miss you already

Still it is good price for good services.
They gave me new new new blanket with good smell.hehe
I remember when I was on my js, I took the night train to Jogja. That's quite a night and I was half a sleep.
The thing that happened was the man throw me thw blanket while I was half asleep and it was so annoying.
This train even put a customer service phone in frint of the train lodge.

Back to my grandma.
Dear grandma.
Thank you for raising your kids so well and give me a strong mother.
Believe me that I will do something you've asked me before.
I am sorry that you me and mom didn't have a photo together even I know you wished that since last Ied day.
Thank you for the birthday cake.
It was yours and you give it to us.
Thank you for the fabrics that you gave before.
That will be part of my graduation dress.
Oh my.. I hate teary eyes.
Sory for lacking quality time. We should go to salon together before.hehe
I hope you have a beautiful place to wait the last day and we'll meet together at heaven later :)
P.s. It's been a while for me to crying over something like this. Miss you already...

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