Monday, 6 May 2013


Well i know this is something and somehow that show you guys that i may like do not have any job right now.
You got it wrong ;)
This is just a random post at random early morning.

Anyway look at this pict. I made a meal for my dinner.

No special reason but somehow i feel hungry hungry and hungry lately.
Currently i am 58 kg which is means 12 kg more than 2,5 years ago.
So far it still look good on me since i am 164 cm height. Okaay i know it is not a particulary okay since it is 4 kilos more that i have to. But ladies, it is okay. I am a normal woman.
I used to have 42 kg on my weight 5,5 years ago.
So thin and idk how could i live by that time easily.haha
The only things i need to do now is maintain my health. Since i live in a assisted house, i am the only one who can watch my self.
It is good to be an independent ladies.haha
The reason that i gain weight easily maybe because lack off sports.haha
I am not a sport girl type. I hate it.
I just enjoy to watch it live, not playing it.
Other reason is maybe because i almost have dinner. When i was in high school i used to have not any dinner unless i didn't eat anything yet.
When it came to 8 pm and more i didn't have any appetite, but now... haha i could eat anything at anytime as long i breath and still has space on my stomach.hehe *except i am not in any mood to have a meal.
Err wait, how could i become so random for this post --"
Ck. Have a good sleep everyone. Tommorow my classes start ar 08.00 am and lotta work to do...
Se youu \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

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