Thursday, 9 May 2013

My way home

I am on my way back home, back homee....
Iyaak buat yg foloow twitter gue di @enaaii atau account lain gue, trus suka kepoin gue, gue lagi di stasiun skrg.
Mau pulang.
Engga sih, gue cabut dulu di hari pitnas ini.haha
Berhubung gue blm tentu bisa pulang juni juli, keadaan yg mendukung, dan ayah yg bilang "pulang aja", akhirnya pulang lah gue.haha
Gue kangen radio jakarta. Di kosan males tauuu kalo kudu steaming...
Sekian posting kali ini.haha
Maafkan ke-tidak-pentingan posting kali ini.haha
Ini kereta gue udah masuk stasiun loh pep ;)

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Monday, 6 May 2013


Well i know this is something and somehow that show you guys that i may like do not have any job right now.
You got it wrong ;)
This is just a random post at random early morning.

Anyway look at this pict. I made a meal for my dinner.

No special reason but somehow i feel hungry hungry and hungry lately.
Currently i am 58 kg which is means 12 kg more than 2,5 years ago.
So far it still look good on me since i am 164 cm height. Okaay i know it is not a particulary okay since it is 4 kilos more that i have to. But ladies, it is okay. I am a normal woman.
I used to have 42 kg on my weight 5,5 years ago.
So thin and idk how could i live by that time easily.haha
The only things i need to do now is maintain my health. Since i live in a assisted house, i am the only one who can watch my self.
It is good to be an independent ladies.haha
The reason that i gain weight easily maybe because lack off sports.haha
I am not a sport girl type. I hate it.
I just enjoy to watch it live, not playing it.
Other reason is maybe because i almost have dinner. When i was in high school i used to have not any dinner unless i didn't eat anything yet.
When it came to 8 pm and more i didn't have any appetite, but now... haha i could eat anything at anytime as long i breath and still has space on my stomach.hehe *except i am not in any mood to have a meal.
Err wait, how could i become so random for this post --"
Ck. Have a good sleep everyone. Tommorow my classes start ar 08.00 am and lotta work to do...
Se youu \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

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