Saturday, 8 December 2012

driving me crazy!

well, this is my another passion. language!
wihiiiy. like someone said in their fb status, you'll never understand language until you learn two.
itu juga kayaknya.
recently i've been working in Japanese. trying back to Chinese but i will definitely crazy and went down to hospital.
soo this is about my plan, finish my Japanese first then go to another step until i finally at least speak Korean, Thai, France, Germany, last one is Chinese.haha
put the hard one at the last place.dududu
sounds like a dream huh? well... we should try everything as long as it is good right?

oo yes, by the way i have another cast at solo.hihi
wish me luck minna san.
announcement? it supposed to be at 16th, but who knows. it may be suspended.

anywaay, some of my old friend told me that...
it would be look like a triplets if i was there. uuu syalalalalala.
i am going to fly as high as human could.
feels like, oh my God. they are such an ideal twins ever!
jo twins~~~
the left one, is the hyung-older brother, 6 minutes earlier, Young min which is i do really loooooooooovvvveeeeee hiim.
the right one, is kwangmin. younger brother. this one? was me about 2 years and half ago..

do we really a like? i don't think so *a bit* mawbe our jaw lines are simmiliar, or maybe it is true that i am their un-beautiful-girls version.haha

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