Thursday, 3 March 2011

my other wish-list

well, this is started when ulu ask me whether i want a t-shirt with BUMBLEBEE PRINTED.
OMG, was she kidding on me? even she dont asked, of course she knows that i will say yes foooor many times ever.
then, i think i want not only a bumblebee t-shirt, but also the other.ehehehe (kinda lil ivy.hahaha)
i want the other bumblebee t-shirt, about 5 for my self, and 3 more (which has other pict than the five ones of course) with different size for me and my lil bro (well, maybe it'll only takes two size since i have same size with my lil-elder bro)
i want a gon t-shirt (maybe more than one, because i love him since i was 4th grade.hehe)
i want an astroboy t-shirt. you know, atom is veryyy handsome :* :* :* :* i love him a lot too.ehehe
i want usui-misa chan t-shirt because they are best couple ever.ehehehe or maybe it can be change with full printed couple (that i likes) photos. yaaaay it will bee good t-shirt ever.
i want sora-kingdomheart that paired with roxas
i want sailormoon t-shirt
i want wedding peace (or wedding peach? i do forget was too old, i saw it when i was at 1st grade) t-shirt
i want a megaman with his owner t-shirt too. huee double crush :)
what else? catch them soon.

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