Saturday, 16 October 2010

let me show you a thing (s)

this is the first thing i print at autocad. simple and easy. i got kak harven, ka aji, and ka yusuf sign there.hehe

this is my handphone, i have the other one, but my friends borrowed it.

a wallet from pekalongan. thanks to mr. syalalalala

other wallet from my dad...

a compass...

yeep the handsome bumble bee :)) i bought it at indomart. it was 16K but here i found it only 9,5K. damn  --,

fyi: i never alowwed my youngest brother to color it. this is the one that i allowed him
(with my insturcion, ofcourse. then he only colored it a quarter. i did finish it)

pencil case that has been at my post before

my other pencil case, (yes i have two just like my wallet XD )

last job for this day
amateur --,

then i got it :)
finnaly >.<

other thing that i wanna show you is....
zoom zooom....

my money-out book

when the lecturer tell a bedtime story i made this.hehe
still amateur --,

amig made this for me. thank you :))

my book

the page that make me...
showing this face...

this is my lovely chipmunks :)
cute >.<

two eraser. wihiii
and i'm gonna buy the third.hahaha

this is the moooost useful thing. i wanna buy it again at sriratu gramedia.hehe

this is winnie the pooh and doraemon.haha

what i'm eating today...
 lazy too eat the"usual" menu --.

i always drink the aqua bottle, im gonna buy galon soon.hehe

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