Monday, 11 October 2010

let the handsome begin :)

here is some boys that i admire him so much :)

first, our biggest prophet but there no photos of him, yeah i love the way he treats women and all of attitude that he has :)

second, gon freecss. hueeeeeeeeee so kawaii :*
see this :)

third, emir mahira. hue he is adorable.haha
see see see

fourth, fedi nuril. hiaaaaa i love to see him playing guitar. like this!

fifth, usui takumi. hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa >.< no comment.

next, the most handsome person ever.
eng ing eeeeng.. 
jeng jeeeeeeng....

 sorry for bad quality, im googling :)
 my father.haha he is handsome and i love his traits, but i do not like his stupidity.

last, my boyfriend.haha i dont want to take his look here.hehe
love you and miss you :)

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