Tuesday, 6 July 2010

nice to know

huee, gue terharuu tau ada yang kagum sama gue :'(
*sniff sniff'
thank youu..
at least i know im not a stupid and spoiled lady.haha
thx for bein my friends everyone :D
ill always try to be your best buddy ever for my friends, if you have a problem, let share, thats what are friends for..

to be honest, im not a kinda strong woman, just the ordinary one...
sometimes i do cryin behind my pillow *yeaah i always do this since i was 5 years old, hide my face behind the pillow and let nobody knows that i was cryin...

i do careless but as long as i have friends to share, yeaah i might be stong.hha
thank you so much my friends..

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