Friday, 30 July 2010

i do feel sad about this

hueeeeeeeeeeee i dont wanna cry, but i do feel sad... (i cant cry, ive prromise about it before right?)
today he *my boyfriend* go to medan, i know its for his future, but somehow, i fell hate it >.<
i wanna take him to the airport, but my mom wouldnot alllow it (i got smallpox, got it?) beside that ive been allowed to take him ONLY at sunday, tommorow, 31st of july... (he said that he'll go at that day, but unfortunately he has to do something at that day, so he leave for jakarta TODAY)
not for today, my mom dont give permission >.<
sad sad sad..
2 month before is the last lime i met him, yeah i know this morning he went to my house, but...
huee.. still miss you..
take care there, even you say there are only squared-face-person, but takee care..
keep our promise.
i'll be waiting for you, 4 years later.hehehe

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