Thursday, 13 May 2010


Tea is one drink that has a good content of polyphenols.
we should be proud of being Indonesian, you know that the content of polyphenols in Indonesia 1.34 times better than in other countries?
yup, maybe this is why the English like to import white tea from our country. especially white tea ...

heem, the tea plants has three main types: oolong tea, black tea or red, and green tea.

oolong tea, is tea fermentation process in which only half the normal time of tea.
black tea or red tea, regular tea that yaa
green tea, the tea is processed so in quotes

from long time ago I'd love to open a shop at the bazaar and selling all kinds of tea, from black tea, red, green, jasmine, and the most wanted is white tea.
heeem, in Indonesia, white tea, it was 80% in export. in this own country only 20% and hard to find it (very very hard to find). hueee, I want it..

white tea, only tea was planted in such a way that is not exposed to sunlight, so it dont have chlorophyll, that is why its called white tea.

i think the useful part of tea (from what I read) are catechin, one element of the polyphenols. some researcher find that it has ability to stop some bactery which could make a stomachaces to stop, it could reduce congestion cholesterol, and also inhibit cell mutation.

weeeh, fabulous tea :D

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