Saturday, 22 May 2010

realistic vs. theoretical.

OK, I found the people around me (who often speak and listen about how I think) they said I was idealistic but idealists-realistic i do also a perfectionist, but yes I still do not as another stoneheaded guys. I also practically theoretical.

I made it over to the idealist-realists, not theoretical.
am i stubborn? true.
but yaaa, I still know the situation and condition of all.
I prefer use fact although not a rigorous and sometimes I can even be proportional to 180 degrees. Strange..

yes very simple example, if i have a presentation, I would always prepare everything as details as i could, except I really blank. i prepare my own question, I search all the strange words and I make the glossarium. Sometimes bludgeon the gap despite what I prepared rarely questioned.
then if my friends ask the other question, i turn my head-out to find out the answers.hahaha

Another example, shirts, i love easy cute clothes, if i think the model is good for every situation, i will buy it. unfortunately I was confused, it had a design but i found the suture of clothes was bad. even sometimes i don't know when and where to use i.
Great-great-shirt if i have no idea how where and when to wear it means useless right?

heeem, the test said that my brain initially balanced, maybe this is why i say yes to idealist, my left brain is also holding a role in the pattern of my life, but yes I'm not a regular person, not exactly stiff. when i took the test again, i more to be in my right side.wahahaha. This why I would prefer realistic (I think i'm a dreamer too)
I'm an idealist, but that does not mean I'm not accept the people suggest. where are there the idealist dreamer??

Anyway I can still use another good way to achieve my goals, maybe I'm not prepare b plan. plan b would appear if we need it. hehe

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