Monday, 24 May 2010

banyak pertanyaan otak gue deeh...

nih gini ya, tau boboho ga readers?? tau yg suka jadi kakaknya boboho doong..
itu anak apa kabar ya??

terus-terus, (ini si gue ygkudet kayaknya plus males nyari info) avril sama suaminya itu skrg apa kabar??

again, detektif plua itu jdinya gimana ya?heem..

Saturday, 22 May 2010

realistic vs. theoretical.

OK, I found the people around me (who often speak and listen about how I think) they said I was idealistic but idealists-realistic i do also a perfectionist, but yes I still do not as another stoneheaded guys. I also practically theoretical.

I made it over to the idealist-realists, not theoretical.
am i stubborn? true.
but yaaa, I still know the situation and condition of all.
I prefer use fact although not a rigorous and sometimes I can even be proportional to 180 degrees. Strange..

yes very simple example, if i have a presentation, I would always prepare everything as details as i could, except I really blank. i prepare my own question, I search all the strange words and I make the glossarium. Sometimes bludgeon the gap despite what I prepared rarely questioned.
then if my friends ask the other question, i turn my head-out to find out the answers.hahaha

Another example, shirts, i love easy cute clothes, if i think the model is good for every situation, i will buy it. unfortunately I was confused, it had a design but i found the suture of clothes was bad. even sometimes i don't know when and where to use i.
Great-great-shirt if i have no idea how where and when to wear it means useless right?

heeem, the test said that my brain initially balanced, maybe this is why i say yes to idealist, my left brain is also holding a role in the pattern of my life, but yes I'm not a regular person, not exactly stiff. when i took the test again, i more to be in my right side.wahahaha. This why I would prefer realistic (I think i'm a dreamer too)
I'm an idealist, but that does not mean I'm not accept the people suggest. where are there the idealist dreamer??

Anyway I can still use another good way to achieve my goals, maybe I'm not prepare b plan. plan b would appear if we need it. hehe

Thursday, 20 May 2010

a letter for men, boys, and .....

well i have tired day today..
when i woke up, i took a pray and then i bought something to eat as my breakfast. after i had my breakfast, i took a bath and took my brother school, then i go to school, i had something to discuss there.(oki) hahahahaha...
after it i had a course, then i went around my neighborhood and rent films.hehe
after that, i went home and suddenly my friends phoned me.
a long journey with her.hehe
on the way went home, it was a heavy rainy evening. cold outside.
on every way, i thought that i wanted to write many letters for-men (but one of them just a jerk.haha)

first one, i for my grandpa. called Mr. Samsi Badsa.
hi grand, how d? i hope you happy there. i really miss you...
i miss the time when we had a fight just because a TV channel. i wanted to see cartoon in the morning and you wanted to see news.
hee, i wanna tell you about your son in law. i do believe that some day he will be like yours..
a best husband ever.amiin..

next, my other grandpa. named Mr. Durachim...
get well soon yaa grand.. you have to proud with your eldest child. my father..
you have to get well soon ya..
i miss youuu...

next, my lovely husband to be, Adnin Musadri Asbi.hehehe
heey youuu!! i thanked to god becuse he sent you for me.
Love Youuu..

next, my brother
hee. lo jgn ngegamee muluuu doong ah.

next, son of B****
you ar such a hypcrite person ever. i wanna kick your face and put you in BKT.hahaha

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

this book is so wonderful :D

this book named INDONESIA

the cover

the back

This book its title and contents of Indonesia. It contained a full tour guide for travel in Indonesia, from who backpacker or until a five-star class one.

Published by Backpacker forum names lonely planet. Spread throughout the world.
Huee want to come, unfortunately one of the conditions you must accept the backpacker from another State.
My home's too small, so I can only say:
sorry I have not got enough room for you, how about hotel.hahahaha

The book is 924 pages + + thickness who unfortunately I get the world edition, and the language is not a simple language.
So yes waste my energy to read. (Mending read NGM. Iyalaah ~ ~ ~)
It created by 11 people abroad.
It's a shame the other can get tourism info as this detail book but Indonesian people could not?
But we should be proud of this book, because Indonesia is one of many States which known as good travel place ever. cool: D

the inside

Friday, 14 May 2010

romawi kuno

gara-gara hampir tiap malem tidur di atas jam dua, gue suka nonton film di indosiar tentang masa lalu roma, baguus loh filmnya.hehe
jadi suka romawi kuno ~~~

Romawi Kuno adalah sebuah peradaban yang tumbuh dari negara-kota Roma didirikan di Semenanjung Italia di sekitar abad ke-9 SM.
Selama keberadaanya selama 12 abad, kebudayaan Romawi berubah dari sebuah monarki ke sebuah republik oligarki sampai ke kekaisaran yang luas.
Dia datang untuk mendominasi Eropa Barat dan wilayah sekitar di sekitar Laut Tengah melalui penaklukan dan asimilasi. Namun beberapa faktor menyebabkan kemerosotannya. Sebelah barat kekaisaran, termasuk Hispania, Gaul, dan Italia, akhirnya pecah menjadi kerajaan merdeka pada abad ke-5; kekaisaran timur, diatur dari Konstantinopel, disebut sebagai

Kekaisaran Romawi Timur setelah tahun 476, tanggal tradisional "kejatuhan Romawi" dan kelanjutannya Zaman Pertengahan. Peradaban Romawi seringkali dikelompokan sebagai "klasik antik" bersama dengan Yunani kuno, sebuah peradaban yang menginspirasikan banyak budaya Romawi Kuno.
Romawi Kuno menyumbangkan banyak kepada pengembangan hukum, perang, seni, literatur, arsitektur, dan bahasa dalam dunia Barat, dan sejarahnya terus memiliki pengaruh besar dalam dunia sekarang ini.
source: mbah wiki (again.hehe)

hweeeeeeeeeeeew, baguss deh pokoknyaaa tu film, judulnya apaa yah tapi, heem.. lupaa gue.hehe

pasir hisap

gue penasaraan aja sama yang satu ini.hehe
heem.. Pasir hisap atau Pasir penghisap adalah kaloid hidrogel yang terdiri dari pasir, air dan tanah liat. Pasir hisap biasanya terdapat di sekitar sumber air seperti di pantai, sungai dan rawa. Pasir hisap mempunyai densitas 2 gram/mililiter sedangkan desitas manusia adalah 1gram/mililiter hal ini menyebabkan tubuh manusia yang terbenam ke pasir hidup tidak akan mati kecuali jika kepalanya yang duluan terbenam karena manusia akan di hisap sampai di pinggang atau setenga dari postur tubuh.

nah brarti film-film itu dong yang lebay.hihihi


horeeeeeeeee, transformers III udee di tahap PRA-PRODUKSI
huee, dan manteeepnya, piaraan gue. BUMBLEBEE banyaaak bermaiiin actioon disiinii.. amiiin :D

hidup bumbleebee. wahahaha
katanya sih film ini dirilis juli 2011. lamanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~

next itu MIB, ada akang WILL SMITH nyaa doong.hahaha
naah kalo film ini di buat pake teknologi 3D sekarang, jadi kayak apa, yaa who knows juga... tapi kan pasti seru.hihihi
naah ini juga kalo gasalah dirilis summer-2011. heem
lama semua ~~~~~~~

kepingin jadi bos

gue agak tertegun (bingung sih maksudnya) pas om gue nanya, kamu tuh sebenernya mau jadi apa sih?
haah, gue mah mauu jadi apa aja, banyaak banget cita-cita gue, yaa intinya gue mw sukses dunia dan akhirat. Amiiin
tapi yaa kalo gue pikir-pikir, dulu tuh cita-cita gue jadi bos kantoran, direktur, atau pi-r nya, yang jelas tuh yang kerjanya dateng, tanda tangan, ngecek kerjaan orang, senyum sana-sini, dan dapet duit.haha
ga realistis juga sih kalo sekarang, mana bisa langsung begitu??
gue harus merintis dari awal :D

Thursday, 13 May 2010


late ~~~~~


Tea is one drink that has a good content of polyphenols.
we should be proud of being Indonesian, you know that the content of polyphenols in Indonesia 1.34 times better than in other countries?
yup, maybe this is why the English like to import white tea from our country. especially white tea ...

heem, the tea plants has three main types: oolong tea, black tea or red, and green tea.

oolong tea, is tea fermentation process in which only half the normal time of tea.
black tea or red tea, regular tea that yaa
green tea, the tea is processed so in quotes

from long time ago I'd love to open a shop at the bazaar and selling all kinds of tea, from black tea, red, green, jasmine, and the most wanted is white tea.
heeem, in Indonesia, white tea, it was 80% in export. in this own country only 20% and hard to find it (very very hard to find). hueee, I want it..

white tea, only tea was planted in such a way that is not exposed to sunlight, so it dont have chlorophyll, that is why its called white tea.

i think the useful part of tea (from what I read) are catechin, one element of the polyphenols. some researcher find that it has ability to stop some bactery which could make a stomachaces to stop, it could reduce congestion cholesterol, and also inhibit cell mutation.

weeeh, fabulous tea :D

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

cara mencuci baju secara manual

liat judulnya berasa gapenting yah.haha
tapi yah ini cuma suggest biasa buat orang-orang amateur-rookie-beginner-novice-elementary.etc lah pokoknya.. (kasian tapi ya, nyuci aja pake di ajarin, sedih bener hidupnya. apalagi kalo uda 17 taon umurnya.ckckck)
caraa standaaaaaaaaaaaaaar banget...

langkah pertama: perhatikan dulu bagaimana cara orang lain mengucek, menggilas dan membilas pakaian
kedua: pastikan anda memang mau mencuci baju
ketiga: silahkan mulai berjalan ke tempat mencuci baju
keempat: pisahkan baju putih dan baju bewarna
kelima: siapkan dua ember berisi detergen. baca aturan penggunaan detergen yang kalian pakai di balik kemasan. ingat! jangan sekali-kali menggunakan detergen khusus untuk pakaian putih dan pemutih pada pakaian bewarna karena sama saja merusak keindahan pakaian.
keenam: rendam baju di ember/tempat yang berbeda.
ketujuh: diamkan selama 10-15 menit, jika mendapati baju yang kalian mau cuci kotor parah, kucek sebelum di rendam..
kedelapan: jika sudah, mulailah siapkan 3 ember lain yang berisi air bersih dan 1 ember lain yang berisi pewangi (untuk penggunaan pewangi biasa) atau siapkan 1 ember berisi air bersih dan satu ember lain berisi penwangi (untuk pewangi sekali bilas)
kesembilan: mulailah menggilas baju yang ada satu persatu mulai dari tumpukan baju putih. masukkan baju tersebut kesalah satu ember yang berisi air bersih. lakukan sampai baju habis.
kesepuluh: mulai membilas pakaian dengan cara membilas tiap baju di tiap ember secara beraturan.
misal: ember satu= bilasan pertama, dan selanjutnya
kesebelas: dr ember ketiga, peras pakaian dan celupkan di pewangi. tunggu 5-10 menit.
keduabelas: peras pakaian dan letakkan di ember kosong yang bersih.
terakhir: selamat menjemur.

ps: jangan lupa bersihin dan rapihin bekas mencuci baju. ingat, kebersihan sebagian dari iman!


everything just started now. you would not be a winner because you are not the people who deserve to be winners.
beauty in the face just right? no one who knows what lies behind the "beauty" is not it? do not be proud. gasemua people love.
fact: open your eyes, pay attention to anyone who really loves you?
if any, be grateful.
one more thing, do not behave as if you are the best in people desire.
remember once again. you would never win this thing, because I am surrounded by many people whose eyes are opened to see who you are

muka bodyguard kesayangan gue :D

sebelumnya gue pernah nulis tentang bodyguard kan, inii diaa orangnya.hahaha

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

makasi yah kawan..

smalem gue buka-buka kompi gue, gue nemuin beberapa foto yang yaah lumayan bikin kangen sama skolahan gue.haha

foto ini di wc sama ade kelas gue (yg bajunya biru-biru)
kalo ini sama anak-anak temen maen di kelas :D

maaf yang ini burem.he

yang di bawah ini waktu ujian gambar skolahan. jalaan nyari tempat yang enak bawa-bawa barang.ckckck

kalo yang di bawah ini waktu di kasih kupu-kupu dr fitriah, pas di templokin k kepala gue kupu-kupunya gamu terbang sampe gue mw sholat.ckckck
sayang tu kupu-kupu diterbangin sama sasha T.T

kalo ini dirumah ulue.. banyak sih foto-fotonya, tapi kbanyakan dokumen pribadi.haha
ini fotot-foto waktu gue masi mirip laki.err
dirumah uluw di dandanin jadi Abang Pangkalan Jati.hahahaha

kalo yang ini si iseng-iseng maen.haha
nah yang ini gara-gara sesama pengguna tas FILA.hehe
kalo yg ini maen-maen aja.hehe

ini sama paskib :D

Banyak yah yang uda gue lakuin di skolaan.. makasi ya kawan. LOVE U, MISS U..