Saturday, 30 January 2010

jfest unsada with unpredistable scene..

i went to unsada university with silo (my beauty chairmate)
There a Japanese festival were held. it sooo fuun.
i take some photo there. i saw Rosemay Marian band.
then a mochi made there. i did dig it with say soyat (i guess it the wrong pronounce, because i only hear it...) i met my jhs friends dita (her face look like someone that i hate, but i'm not hate her :D ) and ida. theen i took a photo with them.miss my jhs

met my friends pelo (dendy), eky, and someone that i didn't want to met. we talked together about the jfest. then we bought mochi for RP 5.000,00 we got two one nut-taste (??) and the rednut-taste.
i prefer rednut-taste to nut taste.
then i took photos with "kakashi"
this is the picts

after that i saw a child (femini with pinky yukata) and she loves to be a model (i think) i take some photoghraps of her and a photoghrap with her (also pelo)
it soooooo fuuun

next i saw a stand (there was a note like this "informasi mengenai jepang' so i decided to ask silo wheter she wanted to go there or not. and we went to that stand.
i asked a about study in japan, the japanese was kind and patient.ahahaha
i also took a photo with him.

*i wanna say sorry to:
  1. Silo because you didn't get any photo there (abiiis gue ajakiin gmw. lobat kan hp gueee.maaaf yaah silooo)
  2. ADNIN MUSADRI ASBI, i'm sooo sorry darl, i couldn't contact you. i'll did it when i home.okay Love youu..

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